Res. All-American R&W Aged Cow 2018

USA 70890883
3-11  2x  365  38090  4.5  1716  3.1  1175
Perseus x EX Sanchez X 4E-96 Redrose X EX Rudolph X EX Leader X 3E-96 Blackrose

1st Aged Cow & HM Senior Champion, NY Spring R&W Show ’18
HHM All-American R&W Aged Cow 2017
1st Aged Cow, Senior and Grand Champion, NY State Fair R&W ’17

Nom. All-American R&W 5-Year-Old, 4-Year-Old, Jr 3-Year-Old R&W
HM All-American R&W Junior 2-Year-Old 2013
Unanimous All-American R&W Summer Yearling 2012

Dam of Rosedale Avala Lollipop-Red
Unanimous All-American Summer Yearling 2018
All-Canadian Summer Yearling 2018
Junior Champion, Royal R&W Show ’18
Junior Champion, Big E R&W Show ’18
HM Junior Champion, Northeast Fall Nat’l ’18
Now owned by London Dairy & Clarkvalley, ON