Butz-Hill Magical Missy


Transmitting Extreme Type Traits!

McCutchen x Man-O-Man VG-85 x Dolman VG-89-4YR EX-MS

Maternal sister to MEGASIRE
Grandsons in AI

pedigree button Oakfield Corners

3rd Dam: Eastside Lewisdale Gold Missy EX-95 2E 4*
5-00 365D 40,483lbM 4.2% 1,711F 3.2% 1,314P

4th Dam: Stadacona Outside Abel VG-88 34*
3-03 365D 36,599lbM 4.6% 1,695F 3.0% 1,093P

Progenesis LP, Ontario, Canada purchased Missy’s Delta daughter in the Oakfield Corners Spring Sensation Sale 2015 for $190,000 who was at the time the #8 GTPI heifer on the April run at +2765

Daughters on a flush program include:

NameSexDate of BirthReg #SireGTPIMilkProteinProtein %FatFat %SCSPLDPRTypeUDCFLC
OCD DELTA MISSY 3892-ETF1/24/20153124025181DELTA26731023470.06780.142.884.41.62.912.651.82
OCD DELTA MISSY 4209-ETF1/28/20153127421833DELTA26401168510.06750.112.793.90.62.882.691.96
OCD DELTA MISSY 4206-ETF1/27/20153127421830DELTA2602915470.07740.142.973.