The Boys of Oakfield

Semen is available with no restrictions from some of our highest bulls in the market!

DIESEL 507HO14588 GTPI +2869 +976NM$
+1539 Milk +138CFP +2.1DPR +2.80PTAT

S: Pinnacle Modesty x Montross x Supersire
D: OCD Draco Detroit 4691-ET (VG-86) pictured
2D: OCD McCutchen Detroit-ET (EX-90)
Next Dams: 88 x 88 x 2E-93 x 4E-95 Zip x 3E-90

OPTION 200HO11231 GTPI +2821 +915NM$
+1097 Milk +135CFP +3.2DPR +2.10PTAT

S: Fortune Octoberfest x Tango x Epic
D: OCD Delta 33343-ET-ET (VG-88) pictured
2D: OCD Doorman 9689-ET (EX-93)
Next Dams: 85 x 86

EDISON 7HO14501 GTPI +2813 +866NNM$
+2039 Milk +133CFP +3.0DPR +2.38PTAT

S: Parison Jedi x Tango x Facebook
D: OCD Delta Early 34963-ET (VG-86) pictured
2D: White-Wind Sglass Early-ET (VG-85)
Next Dams: 86 x 88 x 87 x 86 x 90 x 87 x85

FORTE 7HO14319 GTPI +2809 +930NM$
+900 Milk +151CFP +1.6DPR +2.31PTAT

S: Helix Silver x Supersire x Man-O-Man
D: OCD Frances 34899-ET (VG-85) pictured
2D: OCD Numerouno Frances 2-ETN (GP-82 DOM)
Next Dams: 2E-91 x 92 x 90 x 88 x 87 x 3E-95 Raven x 4E-92 x 4E-94

NEMO 7HO14365 GTPI +2801 +913NM$
+954 Milk +126CFP + 2.5DPR +2.53PTAT

S: Ironman Damaris x Numero Uno x Bookem
D: OCD Delta 33343-ET-ET (VG-88)
2D: OCD Doorman 9689-ET (EX-93) pictured
Next Dams: 85 x 86