Oakfield Breeding Shines in Madison

It was a tremendous week for the Oakfield breeding program at World Dairy Expo 2018! Congrats to Westcoast Holsteins and Oakfield A Champagne-Red-ET, who was named Grand Champion of the International Red & White Show! Oakfield-owned highlights include:

Red & White Show
– OCD Jordy Ladybird-Red-ET, 5th Spring Calf (Jordy x Limited)
– OCD Jordy Labamba-Red-ET, 6th Spring Calf (Jordy x Limited)
– OCD Jordy Lochness-Red-ET, 1st Winter Calf (Jordy x Limited)
– OCD Jordy Lambchop-Red-ET, 3rd Winter Calf (Jordy x Limited)
– OCD Dfiant Lustrous-Red-ET, 9th Fall Calf (Defiant x Limited)
– 1st Junior Best Three Females
– Oakfield Abs Candy-Red, 6th Junior 3yr Old
– Colganados D Avianca-Red-ET, 2nd 5yr Old
– 1st Senior Best Three Females
– Premier Breeder
– Premier Breeder & Exhibitor of Heifer Show

Holstein Show
– Miss OCD Doorm Georgette-ET, 3rd Winter Calf (Doorman x Geography)
– OCD Defiant Lethal-ET, 10th Fall Calf (Defiant x Limited)
– OCD Solomon Bobo-ET, 10th Summer Yearling (Solomon x Beanie)
– Rocklan-ZBW Defnt Paige-ET, 9th Senior 2yr Old
– Bella-Rosa GW Sara-ET, 8th Aged Cow
– Premier Breeder of Heifer Show
– Reserve Premier Exhibitor of Heifer Show