June 2018 Classification

We recently scored with some very exciting results: 10 EX cows (5 new EX 3 yr olds), 24 VG (17 in their 1st lactation, including 2 at VG-89), and 20 GP.

Pictured above is Windbrook Tiffany (left), now EX-92 EX-94-MS. Right: Candy-Red (by Absolute), now EX-91 EX-92-MS


Rocklan-ZBW Defnt Paige-ET, VG-89 EX-MS @ 2-06!


Oakfield Act Abilene-Red-ET, now EX-90 EX-MS

AnimalNameHMIDAgeLactFCDSRPFLMSFSBAAPedigreeCow FamilyNotes
3012559998COLGANADOS D AVIANCA‐RED‐ET101004‐103939391919393115.8Destry X VG Apple1 X 2E‐95 DurhamApple6th Place 4 Yr Old, 2017 Int'l R&W Show
3013464594HOVDEN OCD SPRINKLE‐ET297204‐003949390919393116.6Sid X EX Sara X EX LinjetSara
3127421975OAKFIELD WB TIFFANY‐ET435103‐032908988919492116.2Windbrook X EX‐93 Taylor X EX DundeeTwizzle2017 All‐NY Jr 2 Yr Old, Int Champion 2017 NY
State Fair
3124025216OCD ATWOOD SALSA DANCER‐ET392703‐062909293919292116Atwood X EX Splash X EX LartistSplash
3013464551OAKFIELD‐BRO AT FRUTA‐ET292904‐002919390929192115.5Atwood X EX Denison X EX GibsonFinesseOwned by Kelcie Degenfelder
3127421836OCD DELTA MISSY 4212‐ET421203‐052889286879391115.1Delta X EX‐94 Missy X VG Man‐O‐ManMissy+2514 GTPI +3.41 PTAT +3.38UDC
3127422096OAKFIELD ABS CANDY‐RED447203‐032919286879291115Absolute X EX Reality X 2E‐92 GoldwynRoxyRes Grand Champion, 2017 WNY Regional R&W
3126132664WINDY‐KNOLL‐VIEW REJOYC‐RED74603‐062909288919091114.8Absolute X 2E‐93 Rampage X 4E RubensRuben RubyGrand Champion R&W, 2018 WNY Spring Show
3013464320OAKFIELD ATWOOD DIVO‐ET269804‐032909185889090112.6Atwood X 2E‐94 Dawn X LukeRaven
3124024904OAKFIELD ACT ABILENE‐RED‐ET361503‐092918888909090113.2Action X VG Dusk X EX GoldwynAtlee
3126362571ROCKLAN‐ZBW DEFNT PAIGE‐ET126202‐061879088879089114.6Defiant X EX‐93 Absolute X AdventProRes Grand Champion, 2018 WNY Spring Show
3127422387OAKFIELD GOLD CHIP EFRON‐ET476303‐001908791869089114.1Gold Chip X 2E‐95 Edair X 2E‐92 StormElegance1st place Jr 3 Yr Old, WNY Spring Show 2018
3127421999OAKFIELD WINDBROOK TESTY‐ET437503‐032858488879087110Windbrook X EX‐94 Tammy X VG DundeeTamara
3127422476OAKFIELD WINDHAMMER FAYE485202‐092858785838987110.3Windhammer X EX Atwood X 2E‐94 FleurelFinesse
3013463950OCD MOHAWK 2328‐ET232804‐063908786828887108.6Mohawk X EX Shimmer X VG PlanetShana/Shauna+2473 GTPI, multiple sons and grandsons in AI
include 11HO11963 AltaSwag +2713 GTPI
3131668648OCD DELTA BOOKIE 34484‐ET3448402‐101878784868787111.7Delta X GP Jabir X EX BookemDe‐Su Georgia+2688 GTPI, 2 daughters >2800 GTPI
3133107053PETITCLERC DOORM ANALISE‐ET3576302‐061888783858787112.2Doorman X EX‐93 Goldwyn X EX DundeeAnouk
3133106662OCD SPRING 35372‐ET3537202‐081868581828886110.6Spring X VG Supersire 9882 X EX ShimmerShana/Shauna+2662 GTPI, full sister to 7HO12899 SlamDunk,
7HO12898 SuperSpring, and 7HO12897 Samuri
3133107134OCD ANCHORMA SHINE 35844‐ET3584402‐061868783828886110.7Anchorman X VG McCutchen X EX ShimmerShana/Shauna+2442 GTPI
3134444604OAKFIELD DOORMAN RAYLYNN508002‐031868585838786111.5Doorman X EX‐94 Rachelle X EX DundeeRachelle
3124024821OAKFIELD WINDBROOK CLEO‐ET353203‐092878681838786108.1Atwood X EX‐94 Cris X EX‐94 DundeeCris
3127421878OAKFIELD DLTA LOVEY 4254‐ET425403‐032858783828786108.9Delta X VG Lovey X EX Man‐O‐ManLaurie Shiek+2684 GTPI, sons in AI, mat sister to 7HO12811
3127422523OAKFIELD ARCHRIVAL ELSA‐ET489902‐091898588858686110.7Archrival X 2E‐95 Edair X 2E‐92 StormEleganceSells in the Golden Opportunity Sale on July 7
3134444635OAKFIELD ADDICTIO EMOJI‐RED511102‐001868785838686112Addiction X Absolute X EX‐94 EmberElegance
3009533213OCD CAMERON BOMBSHELL‐ET739306‐004868586788885106Cameron X VG Planet X EX GoldwynBarbieGrandsons in AI
3127422315OCD DRACO DETROIT 4691‐ET469103‐001858687778785109Draco X EX Detroit X VG DorcyRud Zip+2618 GTPI, sons in AI include +2921 GTPI
Pinnacle Diesel and 7HO14445 Detail +2750 GTPI
3133896748SMITH‐HOLLOW GLDWYN LUCY‐ET384602‐031838482848685110.2Goldwyn X EX Durham X VG AerolineHillmont LyndiOwned by Andrew & Jenna Lenhart
3131669063OCD DELTA FRANCES 34899‐ET3489902‐111848384868685109.1Delta X GP Uno X EX FameRaven+2785 GTPI, her sons +2809 GTPI 7HO14310
Forte and +2839 GTPI Jedi Friday are at Select
3131669127OCD DELTA EARLY 34963‐ET3496302‐101858381848685109.5Delta X VG Shotglass X VG DiggerKings‐Ransom E+2621 GTPI, +2865 GTPI Parison son at Select
Sires, +2801 GTPI Outlast son is at Semex (200HO11232 Endurance)
3133106659OCD SPRING LILAC 35369‐ET3536902‐081868584808685109.2Spring X VG Donatello X GP BookemLinda+2655 GTPI
3013464506OCD AFTERSHOCK CASSIDY‐ET288404‐002878678828685106.7Aftershock X VG Goldwyn X EX‐94 PrimetimeChanel
3134444731OAKFIELD DBACK LONNIE‐ET520701‐091848482868585110.7Diamondback X 2E‐94 Luella X EX‐95 SkybuckLuella
3131669045OCD DELTA RAEDEN 34881‐ET3488102‐111858783828585109.4Delta X VG Uno X EX SnowmanMirror+2766 GTPI , 5 daughters >2800 GTPI
3127422571OAKFIELD CORV DEUCE‐ET494708‐051858687858385106Corvette X EX Daphne X EX DurhamDaphne
3131668351OCD DELTA MENNA 34187‐ET3418702‐111878681788584108Delta X EX Snowmobil X VG ShamrockMirror+2705 GTPI, multiple sons in AI, watch for her
+2892 GTPI son Brennan Mirror at Select Sires
3127422544OAKFIELD CORVETT DRABBLE‐ET492008‐061868487838384104.7Corvette X EX Daphne X EX DurhamDaphne
3127602083OCD RUBICON MENNA 33391‐ET3339103‐012838686828384106.6Rubicon X EX Snowmobil X VG ShamrockMirror+2630 GTPI, Charley son 551HO3531 Ranger
+2709 GTPI
3133106822OCD YODER LAVAGE 35532‐ET3553202‐081818282778783106.9Yoder X VG Lavage X EX Man‐O‐ManLaurie Shiek+2632 GTPI, +2787 GTPI Knight son is at Select
3134444699OAKFIELD‐BRO BYWAY FIA‐ET517502‐001868581748683108.1Byway X 2E‐94 Fleurel X 3E‐95 SkychiefFinesse
3131668439OCD SPRING SNAPPY 34275‐ET3427502‐111868577768583106.6Spring X GP Supersire X EX ShimmerShana/Shauna+2556 GTPI
3133106402OCD RUBICON GARNER 35112‐ET3511202‐081828482778583106.7Rubicon X VG Mack X VG SnowmanAloha+2664 GTPI
3133106806OCD DELTA MOTIVATE 35516‐ET3551602‐081848283798583107Delta X Jabir X VG ShamrockHendel Mitzi+2611 GTPI
3127421916OCD YODER CINERGY 4292‐ET429203‐022818586788583105.5Yoder X VG Uno X VG RobustCrimson+2658 GTPI
3125945454ENDCO SUPER L461 9932‐ET993202‐101838281808483106.7Supershot X VG Tango X VG BookemKellercrest Lucky+2560 GTPI, +2726 GTPI Gymnast son at Semex
and +2601 GPTI Blowtorch son at Select Sires
3134444416OCD DELTA FRANCES 36892‐ET3689202‐031828374768582106.6Delta X GP Uno X EX FameRaven+2692 GTPI
3136264159OCD MODESTY 37058‐ET3705802‐021788082818582106.5Modesty X VG Mohawk 2328 X EX ShimmerShana/Shauna+2640 GTPI, +2769 GTPI Flyer son is at Select
3134443574OCD SPRING 36050‐ET3605002‐061838478798382105.9Spring X VG Supersire 9882 X EX ShimmerShana/Shauna+2565 GTPI, full sister to 7HO12899 SlamDunk,
7HO12898 SuperSpring, and 7HO12897 Samuri
3136264254OCD MODESTY 37153‐ET3715302‐021838279788382106.5Modesty X VG Mohawk 2328 X EX ShimmerShana/Shauna+2600 GTPI
3136265018MISS OCD DOORMAN ALLIE‐ET3791702‐001808178858382107Doorman X 2E‐95 Goldwyn Allie X EX TriumphAllie/Alaska
3127422055OCD RUBICON CINERGY 4431‐ET443103‐032818483768382103.9Rubicon X VG Uno X VG RobustCrimson+2635 GTPI, sons in AI include 7HO14433 Covert
+2770 GTPI and 7HO14434 Calvary +2757 GTPI
3131668826OCD DENVER TABORA 34662‐ET3466202‐091868079838182105.9Denver X GP Tango X VG DomainTrina+2616 GTPI, her +2839 GTPI Reason son is
heading to Select Sires
3127421693OCD YODER SHARA 4069‐ET406903‐062838577828182103.5Yoder X GP Supersire X VG O‐StyleShara+2573 GTPI, sons and grandsons in AI include
7HO14041 Summer‐P +2702 GTPI
3136264257OCD MODESTY 37156‐ET3715602‐021818371818081105.4Modesty X VG Mohawk 2328 X EX ShimmerShana/Shauna+2632 GTPI
3136264158OCD FERDINA SNAPPY 37057‐ET3705702‐021828478807981105.4Ferdinand X GP Supersire X EX ShimmerShana/Shauna+2644 GTPI