February 2018 Classification News

We recently classified with exciting results! Highlighting the day was Craigcrest Rubies Rachelle-ET scoring EX-94 at 4-11 (pictured). She was HM All-American Junior 3-Year-Old in 2016! Rosedale Lucky-Rose-Red also gained another “E” and is now EX-94 2E. 

Reg NameAgeLactFCDSRPFLMSFSEBAAPedigreeCow FamilyOther Notes
11732999CRAIGCREST RUBIES RACHELLE‐ET04‐113939492939494117.2Goldwyn X EX Dundee X EX CarltonRachelle2016 HM All‐American Jr 3 Yr Old
70890883ROSEDALE LUCKY‐ROSE‐RED06‐0759397929394942Perseus X EX Sanchez X EX RedroseBlackrose2017 HHM All‐American R&W Aged Cow
60017665KEVETTA RDBRST LUCIOUS‐RED04‐073949593889393116.2Redburst X EX Reality X EX AdventLulu2017 2nd 4Y NY Spring Show
3013464594HOVDEN OCD SPRINKLE‐ET03‐082939391889292116Sid X EX Sara X EX LinjetSara
3008315433LESMAR REALITY 617206‐105949491929092114.7Reality X VG Advent X VG DurhamPala
3004202543OCD SANCHEZ ESTHER‐ET08‐057909291939292114.7Sanchez X VG Dundee X EX LeeExample
11931100VALE‐O‐SKENE GOLDWYN KARMILLA03‐052909188889190114Goldwyn X EX Dundee X VG Outside2017 Nom All‐American Sr 2, HM All‐Ontario Sr 2
143384052OCEAN‐VIEW SANCHEZ ZASHA03‐102939090908890113.1Sanchez X EX Atwood X EX OmanZandra
3013464551OAKFIELD‐BRO AT FRUTA‐ET03‐082919388908890113.5Atwood X EX Denison X EX GibsonFinesseOwned by Kelcie Degenfelder
3009532982OAKFIELD DEMPSEY RUMBA‐ET05‐114909288889090112.2Dempsey X EX Rhapsody X EX StormaticRoyal RosaCompletes 16 generations EX cows
71067350ARETHUSA FEVER VENICE06‐055889385889090112.2Fever X EX Stormatic X EX DundeeVictoria
3127422456OAKFIELD DOORMAN CAMBRY‐ET02‐051878886828887112.2Doorman X EX Cris X EX DundeeCris
3127422478OAKFIELD DOORMAN CAMDYN‐ET02‐051878884878687112.5Doorman X EX Cris X EX DundeeCris
3124025248OCD YODER MISSY 3959‐ET03‐022848480869087110.5Yoder X EX Missy X VG Man‐O‐ManMissy+2491 GTPI
3124024993OCD TATUM FELISHA 3704‐ET03‐042858884878787110Tatum X GP Supersire X EX FameRaven+2535 GTPI
3124025268OCD YODER MISS MERMAID‐ET03‐022879182828787110.6Yoder X EX Missy X VG Man‐O‐ManMissy+2436 GTPI
3010975226DRESSER RBURST RAVEN‐RED‐ET05‐023878892878587108.5Redburst X EX Advent X GP Sept StormBlackroseOwned by Adam Dresser
3127602652OCD DEFIANT LARA‐ET02‐081878684868686110.5Defiant X EX Lenore X EX JoltLarissa
3127422461OAKFIELD ARCHRIVAL DANI‐ET02‐051878486828685109.9Archrival X EX Dawn X EX LukeRaven
3127602086OCD SILVER SOPRANO 33394‐ET02‐091888681828585109.2Silver X VG Shimone X EX ShimmerShana
3124024410OCD MAIN EVENT 3121‐ET03‐042858481828785107.5MainEvent X VG Supersire X EX GoldwynLaurie Shiek+2350 GTPI
3010974917OAKFIELD ATWOOD BONAFIDE‐ET05‐044889086788485106Atwood X EX Dundee X EX BrookeBrooke
3006989153OCD DORCY DISCO‐ET07‐056868784868285106Dorcy X VG Delight X EX DurhamRud ZipSister to EX‐93 Planet Danica
3131669063OCD DELTA FRANCES 34899‐ET02‐071827779848683107.2Delta X GP Uno X EX FameRaven+2802 GTPI
3124024821OAKFIELD WINDBROOK CLEO‐ET03‐051868179808583105.9Windbrook X EX Cris X EX DundeeCris
3133106880OAKFIELD‐BRO PULSAR 3559002‐041878486788383107.2Pulsar X Barbwire X EX FerggyFinesse
3124024950MS OCD DEFENDER BRINLEY‐ET03‐052828378758783105.1Defender X EX Uno X VG BowserBarbie+2505 GTPI
3131668402OCD SUPERSHO DANNY 34238‐ET02‐071848175758682105.9Supershot X VG Mack X VG DorcyRud Zip+2544 GTPI
3129128822PEAK REAL D DAMARIS 1277‐ET02‐081818180788582105.6Damaris X VG Mogul EX ObserverD‐Rac+2494 GTPI
3127422264OCD KINGBOY RAE 4640‐ET02‐091798175818582105.5Kingboy X EX Uno Rae X EX RobustDellia+2659 GTPI
3127422299OCD DRACO RAEDEN 4675‐ET02‐081818076808582105.6Draco X VG Uno Raeden X VG SnowmanMirror+2668 GTPI
3127602036OCD PURE MARINA 33344‐ET02‐091828081798582105.5Pure X GP Avenue X GP BookemMirror+2565 GTPI
3133107155OCD HALBER FISCHER 35865‐ET02‐021788162808581105.2Halbert X EX J Fischer X EX FameRaven+2474 GTPI