Exciting NY Spring Show Results

The girls of Oakfield traveled to Syracuse in early April for the first Northeast Spring National Holstein Show and the NY Spring Red & White Show. 

NY Spring Red & White Show


Northeast Spring National Holstein Show

  • Oakfield Defiant Lethal-ET, 4th Fall Calf
  • Oakfield Blake Luxurious, 1st Summer Yearling & Junior Champion (owned by Doebereiner, Bowen & Schilling)
  • OCD Solomon Bumblebee-ET, 8th Summer Yearling
  • Oakfield Solomon Dandy-ET, 4th Spring Yearling
  • Oakfield Door Raindrop, 3rd Winter Yearling (owned by Mason Ziemba)
  • Oakfield-Bro Sirwo Furry-ET, 4th Winter Yearling
  • Oakfield Heztry Lolita-ET, 8th Fall Yearling
  • 1st Junior Best 3 Females
  • Ocean-View Sanchez Zasha-ET, 2nd 4-year-old
  • Long-Haven Sid Carla, 2nd Aged Cow (pictured above)