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  • 2021 Northeast Spring National Holstein Show Results -

    What a week to kick off the first show of the season! We were happy to walk away with some incredible results! ...

  • 2020 All-American Nominations -

    We are very excited and happy to announce our nominees for the 2020 All-American contest! ...

  • North American Open Dairy Show Results -

    We finished off our show season at the first ever North American Open Dairy Show in Circleville, OH with some incredible results! ...

  • Grand Champion win at the New York Holstein State Show -

    We couldn't have asked for better results at the New York Holstein State Show in Greenwich, NY. Oakfield WB Tiffany was named Senior & Grand Champion and we ended the day with Premier Breeder & Exhibitor!

    Show Results
    Oakfield WB Tiffany, Senior & Grand, 1st 5-year-old
    Oakfield Solom Footloose-ET, Reserve Intermediate, 1st Junior 3-year-old
    Oakfield Us Aviva-Red-ET, 2nd Winter Calf
    Oakfield Ava Timeless-ET, 2nd Fall Calf
    2nd Junior Best of 3
    OCD Doorm Electric-ET, 3rd Fall Yearling-in-milk
    Oakfield Solomon Sunrise-ET, 5th Fall Yearling-in-milk
    Oakfield Undenied Eclair-ET, 1st Summer Junior 2-year-old
    MS Abba Amazing 2319-ET, 1st Junior 2-year-old
    Oakfield Doorm Brilliant-ET, 1st Senior 2-year-old
    Hillpine Doorman ASAP-ET, 5th Junior 3-year-old
    Kevetta Daniel Lexi, 1st Senior 3-year-old
    Oakfield Goldwyn Daisy-ET, 4th Senior 3-year-old
    Oakfield Gold Chip Efron, 5th 5-year-old
    OCD Bradnick Candy, 2nd Aged Cow
    Oakfield Reality Harmony-ET, 1st 150,000lb Cow
    Long-Haven Sid Carla, 4th 150,000lb Cow
    Best 3 Females
    Premier Breeder & Exhibitor

  • Banner Day at the New England Holstein Summer Show -

    The New England Holstein Summer Show took place on August 5th at the Deerfield Fairgrounds in Deerfield, NH. Judge Adam Liddle appreciated our Lifetime Production Cow, Oakfield Reality Harmony EX-95 and selected her as his Senior & Grand Champion! She was also the Champion Bred & Owned animal of the show. Our success continued with Reserve & HM Grand Champions and two Intermediate Champion banners as well as the Premier Breeder & Exhibitor awards!

    Show Results
    Oakfield Reality Harmony-ET, Senior & Grand Champion, Champion Bred & Owned, 1st Lifetime Production Cow
    Kevetta Daniel Lexi, Intermediate Champion, Reserve Grand Champion, 1st Senior 3-year-old
    Oakfield Solom Footloose-ET, Reserve Intermediate Champion, HM Grand Champion, 1st Junior 3-year-old
    Oakfield WB Tiffany, Reserve Senior Champion, 1st 5-year-old
    MS Abba Amazing 2319-ET, HM Intermediate Champion, 1st Junior 2-year-old
    Oakfield Doorm Brilliant-ET, 3rd Senior 2-year-old
    Oakfield Addiction Emoji-Red, 1st 4-year-old
    Senior Best 3 Females
    Premier Breeder & Exhibitor

  • Oakfield WB Tiffany-ET takes Supreme at the All-American Dairy Show! - Oakfield WB Tiffany-ET was crowned the Supreme Champion at the 2019 All-American Dairy Show! We had exciting results in both the Holstein and R&W Shows!  ...

  • June 2018 Classification - We recently scored with some very exciting results: 10 EX cows (5 new EX 3 yr olds), 24 VG (17 in their 1st lactation, including 2 at VG-89), and 20 GP. ...

  • Spring Dairy Preview results - Oakfield Corners had a successful day showing at the Spring Dairy Preview in Hamburg, NY!  ...

  • Oakfield Corners recent classification results - Oakfield Corners Dairy is pleased to report a tremendous classification last Tuesday, 9/5/17.  We had 23 VG 1st lactation cows, with all but one having VG and EX udders.  We also had three new EX 2nd lactation cows.  ...

  • placeholder Sale Consignments to Woodcrest - Archrival Calf sells from Lila Z family! ...