Banner week at the Big E

We made the trip to the Big E Eastern States Show and couldn’t have been happier with our results!


  • Junior Champion: Miss OCD Doorm Georgette-ET (Doorman), 1st Winter Calf (Doorman x Geography)
  • HM Junior Champion: Rosedale Avala Lollipop-Red (Avalanche), 2nd Summer Yearling, Landon Dairy, Clarkvalley & Eaton Holsteins, NY (Avalanche x Lucky-Rose)
  • Reserve Intermediate Champion: Oakfield WB Tiffany-ET (Windbrook), 2nd Junior 3yr Old
  • HM Intermediate Champion: Vale-O-Skene Gold Karmilla-ET (Goldwyn), 1st Senior 3yr Old
  • Senior & Grand Champion: Bella-Rosa GW Sara-ET (Goldwyn), 1st Aged Cow
  • Premier Exhibitor
    • More Results
      – Oakfield Solomon Dandy-ET, 1st Spring Yearling
      – Rocklan-ZBW Defnt Paige-ET, 1st Senior 2yr Old
      – Ocean-View Sanchez Zasha, 3rd 4yr Old
      – Colganados D Avianca-Red, 3rd 5yr Old



  • Junior Champion: Rosedale Avala Lollipop-Red (Avalanche), 1st Summer Yearling (now owned by Eaton, Clarkvalley & London) (Avalanche x Lucky-Rose)
  • Reserve Junior Champion: OCD Jordy Lochness-Red-ET (Jordy-Red), 1st Winter Calf (Jordy x Lucious)
  • HM Junior Champion: OCD Jordy Ladybird-Red-ET (Jordy-Red), 1st Spring Calf (Jordy x Limited-Red)
  • Intermediate Champion: Oakfield Abs Candy-Red, (Absolute), 1st Junior 3yr Old
  • HM Intermediate Champion: Oakfield Addictio Emoji-Red (Addiction), 1st Junior 2yr Old
  • Reserve Senior & Reserve Grand Champion: Colganados D Avianca-Red-ET (Destry), 1st 5yr Old
  • Premier Exhibitor
    • More results:
      – OCD Dfiant Lustrous-Red-ET, 1st Fall Calf (Defiant x Limited-Red)
      – Oakfield Malone Emma-Red-ET, 2nd Milking Yearling