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Grand Champion win at the New York Holstein State Show

We couldn’t have asked for better results at the New York Holstein State Show in Greenwich, NY. Oakfield WB Tiffany was named Senior & Grand Champion and we ended the day with Premier Breeder & Exhibitor!

Show Results
Oakfield WB Tiffany, Senior & Grand, 1st 5-year-old
Oakfield Solom Footloose-ET, Reserve Intermediate, 1st Junior 3-year-old
Oakfield Us Aviva-Red-ET, 2nd Winter Calf
Oakfield Ava Timeless-ET, 2nd Fall Calf
2nd Junior Best of 3
OCD Doorm Electric-ET, 3rd Fall Yearling-in-milk
Oakfield Solomon Sunrise-ET, 5th Fall Yearling-in-milk
Oakfield Undenied Eclair-ET, 1st Summer Junior 2-year-old
MS Abba Amazing 2319-ET, 1st Junior 2-year-old
Oakfield Doorm Brilliant-ET, 1st Senior 2-year-old
Hillpine Doorman ASAP-ET, 5th Junior 3-year-old
Kevetta Daniel Lexi, 1st Senior 3-year-old
Oakfield Goldwyn Daisy-ET, 4th Senior 3-year-old
Oakfield Gold Chip Efron, 5th 5-year-old
OCD Bradnick Candy, 2nd Aged Cow
Oakfield Reality Harmony-ET, 1st 150,000lb Cow
Long-Haven Sid Carla, 4th 150,000lb Cow
Best 3 Females
Premier Breeder & Exhibitor

Banner Day at the New England Holstein Summer Show

The New England Holstein Summer Show took place on August 5th at the Deerfield Fairgrounds in Deerfield, NH. Judge Adam Liddle appreciated our Lifetime Production Cow, Oakfield Reality Harmony EX-95 and selected her as his Senior & Grand Champion! She was also the Champion Bred & Owned animal of the show. Our success continued with Reserve & HM Grand Champions and two Intermediate Champion banners as well as the Premier Breeder & Exhibitor awards!

Show Results
Oakfield Reality Harmony-ET, Senior & Grand Champion, Champion Bred & Owned, 1st Lifetime Production Cow
Kevetta Daniel Lexi, Intermediate Champion, Reserve Grand Champion, 1st Senior 3-year-old
Oakfield Solom Footloose-ET, Reserve Intermediate Champion, HM Grand Champion, 1st Junior 3-year-old
Oakfield WB Tiffany, Reserve Senior Champion, 1st 5-year-old
MS Abba Amazing 2319-ET, HM Intermediate Champion, 1st Junior 2-year-old
Oakfield Doorm Brilliant-ET, 3rd Senior 2-year-old
Oakfield Addiction Emoji-Red, 1st 4-year-old
Senior Best 3 Females
Premier Breeder & Exhibitor