April 2018 Classification Report

We also had a visit from the classifier in mid-April with exciting results! Lucious-Red was raised to EX-94 with a 95-MS! Genomic star Butz-Hill Magical Missy-ET is now EX-94 94-MS!

— 11 Total EX: 3 at 94 (Carla, Lucious, Missy), 4 EX in 2nd lactation
— 27 total VG: 18 VG in 1st lact
— 34 GP 1st lact heifers with VG udders

Animal NameAgeLactFCDSRPFLMSFSBAA PedigreeCow FamilyOther Notes
141691507 LONG‐HAVEN SID CARLA06‐074959790919594 2E117.2 Sid X VG Sanchez X EX ChampionRoxy2nd place Aged Cow, NE Spring Nat'l Show '18
60017665 KEVETTA RDBRST LUCIOUS‐RED04‐093929692909594117.2 Redburst X EX Reality X EX AdventLulu2nd place 5Y, NE Spring Nat'l R&W Show, '18
72127471 BUTZ‐HILL MAGICAL MISSY‐ET05‐033929594929494117.2 McCutchen X VG Man‐O‐Man X VG DolmanMissyGrandsons in AI
3006988909 OAKFIELD REALITY HARMONY‐ET08‐006949492919493116.0 Reality X VG Advent X EX StormaticHazel
3009533764 MS BLONDIN WNDBRK SUSANA‐ET05‐073929291909492114.7 Windbrook X EX Jasper X EX SkychiefSupra
3011889937 OCD DOORMAN 9689‐ET04‐073929092909392114.7 Doorman X VG Shamrock X VG BojanglesNapaGrandsons in AI
143384052 OCEAN‐VIEW SANCHEZ ZASHA04‐002919295919292115.5 Sanchez X EX Atwood X EX OmanZandra2nd place 4Y, NE Spring Nat'l Show '18
3013464551 OAKFIELD‐BRO AT FRUTA‐ET03‐102909389929191114.6 Atwood X EX Denison X EX GibsonFinesseOwned by Kelcie Degenfelder
3127421836 OCD DELTA MISSY 4212‐ET03‐032879086859390113.7 Delta X EX‐94 Missy X VG MOMMissy+2514 GTPI
3012559895 S‐S‐I SNOWMB MENNA 10054‐ET04‐083918990889090112.5 Snowmobile X VG Shamrock X VG ShottleMirror/MinnowGrandsons in AI
3126132664 WINDY‐KNOLL‐VIEW REJOYC‐RED03‐042919187879090113.7 Absolute X EX Rampage X EX RubensRubn Ruby
3124024392 OCD KINGBOY 3103‐ET03‐072899091928890113.5 Kingboy X VG Uno X VG ColbyTaya+2572 GTPI, sons and grandsons in AI
3127422456 OAKFIELD DOORMAN CAMBRY‐ET02‐071868986868988113.2 Doorman X EX‐94 Cris X EX DundeeCris
3127422387 OAKFIELD GOLD CHIP EFRON‐ET02‐101878790878888113.2 Gold Chip X EX‐95 Edair X EX StormElegance
3013464461 OCD HALOGEN FANTASY‐ET04‐002868680829087109.2 Halogen X EX Free Willy X EX FameRavenDam of 94HO18655 Big Flavor (4.03 UDC)
3008315630 OCD SHAMROCK DAEGAN‐ET06‐095888888808987108.5 Shamrock X VG Delight X EX DurhamRud ZipMaternal sister to Planet Danica
3127422468 OAKFIELD LOTUS LIBERTY‐ET02‐071858884868887112.2 Lotus X EX‐94 Luella X EX SkybuckLuella
3124024414 OCD KINGBOY 3125‐ET03‐062878690878787109.7 Kingboy X GP Uno X VG DiggerBarbie+2500 GTPI
3013464547 HOVDEN OCD SID SADIE‐ET03‐102878782789086108.2 Sid X EX Sara X EX LinjetSara
3127602035 OCD DELTA 33343‐ET02‐111838780848886110.0 Delta X EX Doorman 9689 X VG ShamrockNapa+2704 GTPI, sons in AI
3133107053 PETITCLERC DOORM ANALISE‐ET02‐041878683838786111.2 Doorman X EX Goldwyn X EX DundeeAnouk
3131668648 OCD DELTA BOOKIE 34484‐ET02‐081858783838786110.7 Delta X GP Jabir X EX BookemBookie+2688 GTPI
3010975167 OCD MCCUTCHEN MADISON‐ET05‐054849083828686107.2 McCutchen X VG Dorcy X VG PlanetShottle Mica
3124025289 OCD GOLD LIQUID COURAGE‐ET03‐042878787838686108.7 Goldwyn X EX Loryssa X EX DurhamLylehaven
3011889496 OAKFIELD GUTHRIE DAZZLER‐ET04‐103889087868386107.2 Guthrie X EX‐94 Dawn X EX LukeRaven
3133107134 OCD ANCHORMA SHINE 35844‐ET02‐041838682828885109.7 Anchorman X VG McCutchen X EX ShimmerShana+2442 GTPI
3127421859 OAKFIELD ATWOOD MS DANA‐ET03‐012838780838685108.0 Atwood X EX‐94 Dawn X EX LukeRaven
3124025197 OCD ATWOOD MS SADIE‐ET03‐042868675838685107.7 Atwood X EX Splash X EX LartistRain
3134444550 OAKFIELD DBACK DIAMOND‐ET02‐011858685828685110.6 Diamondback X EX Daphne X EX DurhamDaphne*Available in the Tag Sale*
3134443960 OAKFIELD DELHI 3643602‐031838587828685110.3
3134443637 MISS OCD RUBICON 36113‐ET02‐031848585828685110.2 Rubicon X GP Jabir X GP IotaRud Zip+2553 GTPI
3133106662 OCD SPRING 35372‐ET02‐061848478848685109.7 Spring X VG Supersire X EX ShimmerShana+2662 GTPI
3133106674 OCD SPRING 35384‐ET02‐061868673858685109.7 Spring X VG Supersire X EX ShimmerShana+2575 GTPI
3132356943 KINGS‐RANSOM B DAUNTING‐ET02‐081868286848685109.5 Boastful X EX Doorman X EX DorcyDima+2529 GTPI
3010975298 OCD FEVER RUM‐ET05‐044868586828585106.0 Fever X EX Damion X EX OutsideRachel
3124024474 OCD YODER SHARA 3185‐ET03‐052868580848585107.7 Yoder X GP Supersire X VG O‐StyleShara+2604 GTPI
3134443994 OCD MONTEREY 3647002‐031868678848585110.3 Monterey X GP Tango X VG DomainFrosty+2503 GTPI
3127422547 OCD DEFIANT ANIMATE‐ET02‐041818685858585110.0 Defiant X VG Uno X EX RegimentApple
3127422551 OAKFIELD AWE EXCEL‐RED‐ET02‐041828686858585110.0 Awesome X EX‐94 Ember X EX EncoreElegance*Available in the Tag Sale*
143397641 STRANS‐JEN‐D TOTAL‐RED‐ET03‐011868476858585109.1 Armani X EX RedDevil X VG PredestineTequilaMat sister to Tequila‐Red
3127602578 OCD DELTA LORALIE 33886‐ET02‐101808583818684108.0 Delta X VG Oak X VG GrafeetiLoralie+2718 GTPI; Sons contracted
3124024981 OCD MEGASIRE FUJI 3692‐ET03‐062868687778584106.1 Megasire X EX Fuji X EX FameRaven+2337 GTPI
3134444283 OCD PROFIT FRANCES 36759‐ET02‐021818682838584109.0 Profit X GP Uno X EX FameRaven+2491 GTPI
3127422541 OAKFIELD SID CAMERON‐ET02‐041838378838584108.7 Sid X EX‐94 Cris X EX DundeeCris
3133106659 OCD SPRING LILAC 35369‐ET02‐061868583798584108.5 Spring X VG Donatello X GP BookemBellwood Linda+2655 GTPI
3131668270 OCD DELTA SOY 34106‐ET02‐091818682828584107.9 Delta X VG Supersire X VG ColbyGinny+2738 GTPI; Router sons at Semex
3134444165 OCD DION 3664102‐031788583778683107.7 Dion X GP Supersire X EX ShimmerShana+2447 GTPI
3127422585 OAKFIELD GDREAMS LADONNA‐ET02‐041788672828683107.4 Golden Dreams X EX‐94 Luella X EX SkybuckLuella
3131526469 DIALED‐IN ARMANI DARIA‐ET02‐041788279828683107.2 Armani X EX Sanchez X EX ZenithDeidreOwned by Jenna & Andrew Lenhart
3131668863 OCD RUBICO DANBURY 34699‐ET02‐091748482788683107.1 Rubicon X VG Morgan X VG FreddieRud Zip+2591 GTPI
3127602556 OCD 1STCLASS EARLY 33864‐ET02‐091828282778683106.2 1stClass X VG Shotglass X VG DiggerKings‐Ransom "E"+2375 GTPI
3134444337 OAKFIELD‐BRO BUICK 3681302‐011778582808583108.1Finesse
3134444271 CHARJOY LIGHTEN LIBERTY‐RED02‐021858282788583107.9 Lightening X GP Piccolo X EX LyndiLylehaven
3134443964 OCD HEINZ DAFFY 36440‐ET02‐031838183798583107.7 Heinz X VG Mack X VG DorcyRud Zip+2520 GTPI
3134444262 OCD DION 3673802‐021788376828583107.7 Dion X GP Supersire X EX ShimmerShana+2543 GTPI
3127602577 OCD 1STCLASS 33885‐ET02‐091878178788583107.0 1stClass X VG Mack X VG Snowman AlbaAsia+2519 GTPI
3127602463 OAKFIELD‐BRO DREAM FISHY‐ET02‐101788685808583106.9 Golden Dreams X EX‐94 Fleurel X EX FinesseFinesse
3127421839 OCD DELTA BABY 4215‐ET03‐021858685738583106.4 Delta X VG Election X EX‐94 BookemBaby
3127602036 OCD PURE MARINA 33344‐ET02‐111858285798583106.4 Pure X GP Avenue X GP BookemMirror/Minnow+2474 GTPI, son 250HO14172 in AI
3136264196 OCD MODEST SHIMMER 37095‐ET02‐001788267838682106.9 Modesty X VG Mohawk X EX ShimmerShana+2583 GTPI
3133106822 OCD YODER LAVAGE 35532‐ET02‐061798282758682106.0 Yoder X VG Lavage X EX MOMLaurie Shiek+2632 GTPI
3134443876 OCD TOPGUN LAVAGE 36352‐ET02‐011838272778582106.9 TopGun X VG Lavage X EX MOMLaurie Shiek+2507 GTPI
3136264674 OAKFIELD ADDICTION SANDIE02‐001788261838582106.9 Addiction X EX Reality X EX GoldwynRoxy
3133106632 OCD MUSCADET RAE 35342‐ET02‐061758478798582106.0 Muscadet X EX Uno Rae X EX RobustDellia+2519 GTPI; sons contracted
3133106683 OAKFIELD BUICK 3539302‐061828176788582106.0 Buick X GP Pronto X GP GoldwynLindy Laura
3133107101 OCD BUICK 3581102‐041788382778582106.0 Buick X Tango X VG DomainFrosty+2428 GTPI
3131131510 PEAK SHINE RUB 60217‐ET02‐051808282788582106.0 Rubicon X GP Supersire X VG Massey+2681 GTPI
3133106813 OCD YODER MENNA 35523‐ET02‐061828083768582105.9 Yoder X EX Snowmobile X VG ShamrockMirror/Minnow+2449 GTPI
3133106623 OCD RUBICO DANBURY 35333‐ET02‐071818273778582105.7 Rubicon X VG Morgan X VG FreddieRud Zip+2655 GTPI; sons contracted
3131668577 OCD DELTA 3441302‐081788678788582105.5 Delta X VG Oak X VG PlanetWelcome "P"+2621 GTPI
3134444540 OAKFIELD CALI SHAKER‐RED‐ET02‐011777882778581105.6 California X EX‐94 Sharmain X VG RedMarkerSharmaine
3133106402 OCD RUBICON GARNER 35112‐ET02‐061817682778581104.7 Rubicon X VG Mack X VG Snowman AlbaAsia+2664 GTPI
3125945454 ENDCO SUPER L461 9932‐ET02‐081758375788481104.5 Supershot X EX Tango X VG BookemKellercrest "L"Gymnast son "Scooby" is at Semex
3134443797 OCD DAMARIS FARIS 36273‐ET02‐021728273788580104.0 Damaris X VG Midnight X EX J FischerRaven+2421 GTPI
3131668974 OCD DELTA LORALIE 34810‐ET02‐091798278688580103.0 Delta X VG Oak X VG GrafeetiLoralie+2572 GTPI; Router son at Semex