OCD MOHAWK 2328-ET VG-86 88-MS

From the Shimmer family!

REG 3013463950
Backed by the Ammon-Peachey Shana-ET VG-86 DOM family

Her Modestey son is 2741 GTPI  (June 2016 Proofs) going to Select

7 Sons over 2600 GTPI sired by Modesty, Afterburner and Hangtime

11 daughters over 2600 GTPI sired by Modesty, Hangtime, Mardi Gras and Afterburner , 2 over 2700 GTPI  sired by Modesty,

OCD AFTERBURNER 37250-ET  GTPI 2648(Afterburner x 2328) one of the first Afterburner daughters in the top 200 females June 2016

pedigree button Oakfield Corners

Barn NameHMIDDate of BirthReg #NameSireDamTPIMilkProteinProtein %FatFat %Pro %RSCSPLDPRTypeType %RUDCFLC
37089370894/9/20163136264190OCD MODEST SHIMMER 37089-ETBACON-HILL PETY MODESTY-ETOCD MOHAWK 2328-ET27641886650.03970.1733.
37182371824/17/20163136264283OCD MODESTY 37182-ETBACON-HILL PETY MODESTY-ETOCD MOHAWK 2328-ET27361904680.04910.07733.
37250372505/2/20163136264351OCD AFTERBURNER 37250-ETSANDY-VALLEY AFTERBURNER-ETOCD MOHAWK 2328-ET26841466510.02880.13732.7772.42.12691.621.86
37074370744/7/20163136264175OCD MODESTY 37074-ETBACON-HILL PETY MODESTY-ETOCD MOHAWK 2328-ET2672187257066-0.02732.947.11.42.3702.51.92