EDG Ruby Uno Rae 2054-ET


22 offspring over 2500

Reg 72437601
GTPI 2485 (4/16)
Uno x Robust VG-87 X Planet VG-87 2yr Old Followed by 7 Generations VG or EX

22 offspring over 2500
3 heifers over 2700 sired Muscadet & Delta
10 heifers over 2600
Transmitting high fitness and type traits to her offspring!

pedigree button Oakfield Corners

8th Dam is Snow-N Denises Dellia EX-95-USA 2E GMD DOM
Dam of Durham, Dante, Derry, Empire and Dundee Grand dam of Regancrest Dolman, Erbacres Damion and Regancrest HHF Mac, with 33 EX dtrs from 19 different bulls,  Runner-Up Queen of the Breed II

Multiple daughters over 2600 including:

NameSexDate of BirthReg #SireGTPIMilkProteinProtein %FatFat %SCSPLDPRTypeUDCFLC
OCD MUSCADET RAE 34702-ETF8/24/20153131668866MUSCADET2785539300.05870.252.68103.42.32.792.05
OCD DELTA RAE 34906-ETF8/1/20153131669070DELTA27271124470.05820.152.899.132.281.871.05
OCD DELTA RAE 4528-ETF3/22/20153127422152DELTA2720918380.04940.222.7792.
OCD MUSCADET RAE 35342-ETF9/30/20153133106632MUSCADET2685891430.06820.192.947.
OCD MUSCADET RAE 35511-ETF10/15/20153133106801MUSCADET2653431330.07770.222.827.
OCD KINGBOY RAE 33739-ETF5/26/20153127602431KINGBOY2643873400.05840.192.826.
OCD KINGBOY RAE 4640-ETF5/21/20153127422264KINGBOY2641814340.03820.192.687.
OCD DELTA RAE 4278-ETF3/29/20153127421902DELTA2636676390.07790.22.837.81.32.332.071.72
OCD KINGBOY RAE 3172-ETF11/6/20143124024461KINGBOY2614278310.08780.252.796.31.92.652.342.26
OCD SILVER RAE 33865-ETF6/25/20153127602557SILVER26071295520.05980.182.886-