2022 All-American honors

The 2022 All-Americans have been announced and were honored to share our results!

HM All-American R&W Spring Calf: Cookiecutter Riddle-Red-ET
All-American R&W Summer Junior 2-Year-Old: Ms Triple-T TL Fame-Red
Reserve All-American R&W 4-Year-Old: Hurcroft Awe Lillyann-Red
HM All-American R&W Production Cow: Colganados D Avianca-Red-ET

Reserve All-American Senior Best Three Females: Doorman Karmen, Gold Luck & Crushable Sidekick
Reserve All-American Produce of Dam: Produce of Vale-O-Skene Gold Karmilla
Nominated All-American Summer Junior 2-Year-Old: Ms Triple-T TL Fame-Red
Nominated All-American Senior 2-Year-Old: Oakfield Doorman Karmen-ET
Nominated All-American Senior 3-Year-Old: Oakfield Solomon Sunset-ET
Nominated All-American 4-Year-Old: Hurcroft Awe Lillyann-Red
Nominated All-American Production Cow: Kevetta Chelios Brooke